Community Trusts

In our partnerships with community trusts, our role is to assist them to achieve early access to the value of their investments in renewable energy projects and then to ensure that the released funds are deployed to maximum effect for the benefit of the members of their communities. In many if not all cases, this will include early childhood development and other educational projects. Once the partnership with a community trust has been firmly established, Blue Sky will assist it to find additional funding from other organisations and donors in support of specific projects. We view the REIPPP programme as an opportunity to establish community trusts as asset based organisations with the capacity to lead the economic and social development of their communities.

Renewable Energy Companies

We assist project companies to maximise the impact of their SED budgets by enhancing the ability of community trusts to contribute to the upliftment of their communities and we assist them to minimise the risk of unintended consequences.


We collaborate with funding organisations by strengthening community trusts as bankable propositions. We do this by working with them and the community trust to design and implement appropriate structures to improve human capacity, accountability and transparency. And we assist in the process of selecting and implementing projects which will be sustainable and have a meaningful and measurable impact on the chosen community.